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Phoenix Asset Management

Since its formation in 2000, Phoenix Asset Management, LLC (“PAM”) has focused on providing best-in class REO management and disposition services to institutional clients. PAM is a full service provider, capable of servicing assets throughout the entire REO life cycle in all 50 states, from pre-foreclosure and redemption through closing of escrow. PAM's platform is modeled around functional specialization, with specific staff dedicated to the functional areas of premarketing, eviction, marketing, closing and finance. This creates a very efficient, focused, “high touch” environment that can be independent of a clients operations or can integrate directly into an existing clients policies and procedures.


To provide our clients with an efficient and effective solution to managing non-performing residential assets in a manner that shares best practices between PAM’s and our client’s policies and procedures and the client’s desire for transparency into their owned assets.


PAM currently manages a portfolio of over 7,000 properties for four institutional clients with a staff of 75 full time employees. PAM consistently out-performs their clients’ in-house marketing teams, as well as their other REO outsourcers.

Customized Services

PAM can fully customize their policies and procedures and asset-level business rules to facilitate their clients’ unique needs and requirements. PAM works closely with each client to gain a clear understanding of their objectives, goals, and values, and then establishes best practices to reflect their unique portfolio dynamics. PAM's structure allows for extraordinary flexibility and the agility to rapidly adjust to the client’s changing needs.

Portfolio Benchmarks

PAM's goal is to maintain a high level of disposition and aggressive timeline performance through a high degree of hands-on asset management. PAM's Manager benchmarks are targeted toward the lower end of industry averages. PAM limits its Asset Managers and Pre-Marketers to portfolios of 175 - 190 assets, and their Closers currently have portfolios of approximately 125 -135 assets.

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