Whole Loan Valuations

Banks, insurance companies, and fund & REIT managers need unbiased, knowledgeable estimates of current market value to use for fair value accounting and determining net asset value.  Our market presence, analytic capabilities and unparalleled client support make Phoenix the most capable valuation-provider in the residential whole loan market.

Active Trading Desk

Market Technicals

Fundamental Analytics

Phoenix's whole loan desk actively trades a wide array of residential loan types and has its pulse on the market at all times
Phoenix understands the nuances of the scratch & dent, non-QM, non-performing, re-performing, agency and jumbo markets, the buyers that target different loan types and the yields they require
Phoenix utilizes a combination of widely-accepted predictive models, internal proprietary databases and machine learning techniques to deliver the most accurate pricing possible

Straightforward Data Requirements

Flexible Reports and Delivery Timelines

We understand that data can be difficult to acquire and assemble into strict formats.  Our deep experience with residential mortgage data and powerful internal tools allow for flexibility in data delivery
Our operation is streamlined and flexible, allowing us to accommodate custom report requests as well as timing requirements

For more information, including sample reports and pricing, please Contact Us or email phnxinfo@phnxcap.com.

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